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  • Pingüino de Jackass | Zoo Aquarium de Madrid

Common name:

Jackass Penguin

Scientific name:

Spheniscus demersus


2-5 kg


70 cm
Oceans and seas


En peligro
Who is it?

Known as the African penguin, the Jackass penguin inhabits the rocky coasts of the extreme south of Africa (Namibia, South Africa and surrounding islands). It has an appearance that camouflages it from its predators (especially the black patches on its chest and the black-and-white lines on its head, which have earned it the nickname of “ringed penguin”). A great swimmer, it’s capable of reaching 10 km/h and even of remaining under the water for two minutes.

What are its habits?

The Jackass penguin lives in colonies made up of numerous pairs, which to survive feed on small fish and crustaceans. When reproducing, it spends its time digging nests in the sandy ground and, later, incubating the eggs for between 35 and 40 days. It usually lays two eggs.

Did you know...?

Socially, this penguin uses a certain vocal language to make calls, either to mark territory or to call to their mates and communicate with their chicks.

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