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  • Exhibiciones Aves Rapaces | Zoo Aquarium de Madrid
  • Exhibiciones Aves Rapaces | Zoo Aquarium de Madrid

Dates and times:

Monday to Friday: 13:30, 16:30 h. Weekends and holidays: 13:00, 17:00 h.


15-20 min
Disability access

IMPORTANT: Due to improvement works in the installation and until the end of the same, from Monday to Friday the flying activity of birds of prey will not be carried out. On a temporary basis, a didactic talk will be held in its place, in which some of the birds will be shown to the public. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Enjoy the free flight birds of prey show, which is part of the daily programme of activities at Madrid Zoo Aquarium.

You will see more than 60 species of animals from the five continents, such as bald eagles, vultures, condors, cormorants, hawks, ibises, black vultures ... performing free flight exercises of more than 100m.

You’ll be amazed watching these majestic birds of prey in flight, watching them hunt or fish in front of you while our experts tell you all about the features that make these animals the kings of the air. You’ll also see hawks in flight and you’ll be open-mouthed when you see, among other animals, the Egyptian vulture break an ostrich egg using a stone.

You’ll get goosebumps watching the bird show including the Andean condor or the bald eagle fly when they brush your head you’ll be astonished and exhausted when you see animals of different species making free, timed and simultaneous, complete with a neat musical production that accompanies the whole show.

The exhibition takes place in the Aviary, between the Australian and American areas, and is a show for the whole family. Children and adults will enjoy it like never before.

*Schedules may be changed, check them at the park access.

We recommend attending the activities at least 15 minutes in advance, since for security and hygiene reasons the capacity at the facility has been reduced and can be completed. If so, we remind you that you can go to the next pass that takes place during the day.

Children under 3 years free!