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Main Cafeteria

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The Main Cafeteria Restaurant is open all day long

A day at Madrid Zoo Aquarium is pretty high-energy, so at some point you’ll want to take a break. Looking for a place to unwind, rest, have a bite to eat and recharge your batteries for the rest of your tour? Here it is! The Main Cafeteria Restaurant is open continuously throughout the day.

You’ll find it easily: it’s located next to the main entrance and will be your main reference as a refueling point. It's an ideal place for the whole family, since it has varied meals on offer and it is located next to the playground and very close to our facility for panda bears. It’s equipped with an air-conditioned lounge with comfortable armchairs and a large outdoor terrace area.

We cater to every palate with our wide variety of products: try the sandwiches, the delicious hamburger or the tasty lasagna and fresh salads . But what you really can't miss is the pasta cooking show!

In addition, we have a pizza free of 13 allergens and pasta dish free of 14 allergens.

And if you're looking for something lighter or just stopping for a coffee, you'll love our original cafeteria menu with a variety of pastries, crepes, waffles and ice cream. Combine it with your favorite coffee, we have plenty of options on the menu!

We’re sure your visit will be an experience. Take the time to sit down at the table with your loved ones or friends, and savor your delicious meal the way you deserve. This way, you will be able to catch up with each other about your favorite parts of the day. What’s been your favorite animal so far? Which fact has impressed you more than you expected? Did you get any big surprises or discover any unknown curiosities? Have you experienced something unforgettable that you can’t wait to share? Lunches are great occasions to fill your stomach, recharge your batteries and enjoy the company of your loved ones.

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