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INIA Collaboration

The INIA is an independent Public Research Agency (PRA) attached to the Research, Development and Innovation department of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. It is the only public research body under the General State Administration devoted exclusively to agri-food and forestry research.

A collaboration agreement has been signed with INIA to carry out research related to the development of animal breeding programs, especially endangered species, as well as participation in research and scientific dissemination activities related to the animal world. INIA, in collaboration with Madrid Zoo and Faunia, has created the first germplasm bank of jackass and gentoo penguins. This will serve to evaluate the effects of climate change on endangered species such as penguins and in the future, conserve them thanks to this cryopreservation bank.

Data Sheet

  • Physical location: Madrid Zoo Aquarium, Faunia.
  • Start date: 2013.
  • End Date: currently active.
  • Expected number of beneficiaries: N/A.
Covid Info
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