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  • Oso del Tíbet en Zoo Madrid. Zoológico Madrid.

Common name:

Asian black bear

Scientific name:

Ursus thibetanus


100 - 200 kg.


130 -190 cm.
Mountain plateau



Who is it?

Considered to be the most powerful of the Asian bears, it may weigh as much as 200 kg. Other names for the bear are moon bear and white-chested bear (due to the V-shaped white patch it has on its chest, like a bib).

The The Asian black bear is a magnificent climber and it easily climbs trees, where it normally sleeps in summer.

Its range is currently diminished and vulnerable, covers Asian forests and mountainous areas from Iran to Japan. Human aggression against the environment in which it lives have turned it against humans: it is considered a dangerous and aggressive species due to the deaths it has caused.

What are its habits?

They are not very territorial bears, hough they mark the area in which they live with claw marks or with urine. Nor do they usually hibernate, unless they inhabit very cold regions. If not, they make their beds with twigs to lie on the snow.

Their subs are no larger than a guinea pig at birth, and depend greatly on their mother (they separate from her after a year).

The Asian black bear is an omnivore and prefers meat, though the most prominent part of its diet are fruit and vegetables.

Did you know…

When it sunbathes, something it adores, it goes into a pose which makes it look like a seated dog; when it is frightened, it curls up into a ball, rolling away if it on a slope.

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