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Common name:

Bactrian camel

Scientific name:

Camelus bactrianus


600-1.000 kg.


1,80 m
Grasslands and steppes


En peligro crítico
Critically endangered

Who is it?

The Bactrian camel has two humps and not one, like the dromedary. These curious fat accumulations, which are apparently no more than an impediment, are very useful them the camel lacks sufficient water and food.

It has long, dense fur in winter, which in summer falls off in strips. Unlike the dromedary, it can bear cold climates very well, hence it inhabits mountainous areas in Central Asia. It is also founf in areas of Mongolia and Iran, where it is popular as a domestic animal.

What are its habits?

They are exceptionally resistant mammals which in winter can go between five and eight days without drinking (and even four without eating).

The females are in heat in the first months of the year though more than a year passes until they give birth to one calf, which is born totally helpless and requires continuous care during the first days.

Did you know…

The Bactrian camel or Asian camel is one of the two species in the family which can still be found in the Old World.

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