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Dolphin educational activity

Price:  Free
Duration:  15 min
From Monday to Friday at 12:30, 18:00. Saturdays, Sundays and public Holidays to 12:00, 13:30, 16:00, 18:30
Activity animal:  Mular Dolphins
Accessible for people with disabilities
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Bottlenose Dolphin

Bottlenose Dolphin

Your chance to see dolphins in Madrid

Madrid is a city with endless possibilities: any plan can become a reality. If you are wondering "how can I see dolphins in Madrid?", Madrid Zoo Aquarium is the answer: our Dolphin Educational Activity is what you are looking for.

Dolphins stand out in the animal kingdom for being endowed with a keen intelligence. They communicate with each other by means of a language composed of sounds and ultrasonic pulses emitted from the larynx. Their enormous learning capacity is also remarkable: it is comparable to that of mammals such as the chimpanzee or gorilla. Dolphins are a prodigy, one of the most beautiful and surprising animals to the human eye.

Madrid Zoo Aquarium is the place to see dolphins in the capital: we are aware of the indelible mark that dolphins leave on those who see and experience them. That’s why we are offering you this unparalleled experience. 

You can admire the ingenuity of this aquatic mammal and be amazed by its learning ability, agility and intelligence. You will see how they can easily follow their carers' instructions. Do you remember that they communicate among their own kind? You will also be able to listen to their peculiar language, which will become an unforgettable melody to your ears. 

You will observe the dexterity with which they synchronize their movements with those of the other dolphins. You will discover how such a small part of their body, the caudal fin, serves as a firm support. The caudal fin is a muscular motor organ that dolphins use for balance. It also drives most of their movements, and it’s much stronger than you might imagine! 

Are you in? The Dolphin Educational Activity takes place every day of the week at the Dolphinarium. Choose the schedule that best suits your day at Madrid Zoo Aquarium among the available options*. 

*Check schedules on arrival at the park, as they are subject to change. Access with baby strollers is not permitted.

We recommend that you arrive at the activities at least 15 minutes in advance. For security reasons, seating at the facility is limited and may be full. If so, we will be happy to welcome you on the next show on the day of your visit. 

Don't wait any longer. Come and discover our educational dolphin activity!

Access with baby carriages and strollers to the stands of the dolphinarium could be restricted depending on the capacity

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Zoo Madrid + Faunia Pack: visit two parks at a special price!

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